Flyers Ice Girls Will Return Because the Fans Hated the Men

Flyers Ice Girls

The Ice Girls might not seem like an important part of the game, but that’s only until you take them away. Then everyone loses their mind and goes apeshit. Ok. Not quite. But when the Philadelphia Flyers put the kibosh on the Flyers Ice Girls and brought the fans conservatively dressed ice men, it made precisely no one happy.

So it’s with a joyous heart and burning in my loins that I announce that the Flyers Ice Girls have returned, and we can now see cute girls shovel ice, as is our fetish.

We wrote about the reception of the ice men a couple weeks back, and it wasn’t pretty. The reception wasn’t pretty, and neither were the ice men. It turns out sexy men aren’t really something that an arena full of Flyers fans wants to watch. They’d rather watch the Flyers Ice Girls and get drunk.

The Flyers offered this Tweet:

You spoke, we listened. The #Flyers Ice Team is returning for the 2014-15 season. Get audition info here → http://t.co/Gj7y9kDmul

— Philadelphia Flyers (@NHLFlyers) September 30, 2014

Haha. ‘You spoke, we listened.” More like, “You made fun of us until we cried, and now we’re giving you what you want because we don’t want you to make us feel that way ever again.”

Tomato, tomahto.

Bring on the sexy chicks.

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Let’s All Kick Back and Watch Some Sexy Leryn Franco Workout Videos

leryn franco workout videos

When we last saw sexy Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco way back in February, she was setting Instagram on fire with her workout videos. So we recommended you follow her.

What’s she been doing since then? Well, we checked up on her and, among other things presumedly, she’s been making more Leryn Franco workout videos. And they are muy caliente, which of course is Spanish for “awesome.”

In her latest masterpieces Leryn does sexy pushups, sexy lunges, sexy jump squats, sexy twisting leg lifts, sexy side pushups, sexy crunches, sexy boxing, sexy one-legged jumping things, sexy high knee things, and sexy one-legged couch sitty things.

What’s that? You didn’t know there was such a thing as sexy pushups or sexy crunches? Well, technically they’re the same as regular pushups and crunches. They’re just “sexy” because everything Leryn Franco does in tight-fitting workout clothes is sexy.

Take a look:

Makes you want to go get fit, doesn’t it?

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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Rise in individual sports, women's participation – RTE.ie

Rise in individual sports, women's participation
More women are taking part in sport in Ireland and greater numbers of people are partaking in individual sports, according to a new report from the Irish Sports Council (ISC). The Irish Sports Monitor 2013 found that the gender gap for sporting

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Lauren Hanley Is FSU’s Sexiest Super Fan [PHOTOS]

No one in the world is happier that FSU is the #1 college football team in the nation than Miss COED of the Year 2014…
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Jennifer Love Hewitt on “Criminal Minds” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

[60 GIFs!] It’s poetry in motion as we celebrate Jennifer Love Hewitt landing on Criminal Minds with 60 GIFs that are criminally sexy…
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