Box Office Preview: 'Maze Runner' To Put 'Tombstones' In Ground; 'This Is … – Deadline.com

Box Office Preview: 'Maze Runner' To Put 'Tombstones' In Ground; 'This Is
Finally, the Jason Bateman-Tina Fey, Adam Driver comedy This is Where I Leave You from Warner Bros. is the only comedy in the marketplace and it's tracking best with older females and is not expected to do much business, but there's been no comedy in …
New in theaters: 'Maze Runner,' 'This is Where I Leave You,' "Walk Among Timesonline.com
In Theaters This Week: Check out movie trailers for 'The Maze Runner,' 'A Walk Mstarz
The Weekend Warrior: The Maze Runner, A Walk Among the Tombstones, This ComingSoon.net

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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Thursday, September 18

It’s another amazing Thursday here at the COED offices–amazing thanks to a flood of intimate Instagram pics that have us flying into Friday…
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Fanny Neguesha is Single — Celebrate With Her Hottest Instagram Photos

Mario Balotelli might be one of Europe’s most popular soccer stars, but he can still occasionally stumble–like when he screwed up his engagement to Fanny…
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Playmate Workout Video: Jaclyn Swedberg Sweats For the Camera

playmate workout video

If a Playmate workout video can’t give you the motivation to get to the gym, then you’re a lost cause.

Just kidding.

I would die of shock if anyone in the world has used these Instagram selfie workout videos for working out. That’s what Richard Simmons is for. These are just excuses for hot girls to show off their goods, while flexing and crunching their muscles. Because no one looks better than they do achieving fitness at the gym.

The subject today is 2012 Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg. And here’s the damn video of her working out:

There REALLY isn’t much else to say here. She’s looking good and working out. Because you can’t take your health for granted. Also, if these videos are to be believed, you can’t take your looks for granted, either. You gotta flaunt that shit with a Playmate workout video.

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Reggie Bush’s Wife Shows Her Butt Off in Steamy Workout Videos

Reggie Bush's Wife Shows Her Ass Off in Steamy Workout Videos

Reggie Bush’s wife proved her husband isn’t the only athlete in the family. She also proved she had a really, really, really huge ass that looks amazing.

So she’s proven two things with these posted split-screen videos of Lilit Avagyan Bush working out. Why does someone post videos of their daily workout at a gym? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because they know that sites like ours will post it. 

Here’s the video. If you’re not a fan of watching girls workout, then perhaps you may be interested in “No Diggity” by Blackstreet, which plays during the video.

Yeah, I got your attention now. Reggie Bush’s wife and Blackstreet. Hard to go wrong there.

Will this get America past the whole Kim Kardashian thing? Absolutely not. But it’s nice to know that Reggie has landed on his feet with a girl that’s got such good squatting form. She’s a real catch. Maybe she could help him train since his game has fallen off a little bit thus far this season.

Think he’s still hung up on Kim? I bet that wedding really got to him. Not the Humphries wedding. That couldn’t have bothered anyone. The Kanye one.

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