Morning Dump: The Best Pictures of Cops Pepper Spraying Protesters and More


Relax, it’s not a real morning dump. That would be gross. It’s just a collection of 15 great stories from some of our favorite sites around the web. Those of us in the industry call it a “link dump.” We call it “Morning Dump” because it’s early and we’re immature (click the pics to read each article):

1. GRONK’D!! (HotClicks)

2. The 20 Awesomest Photos Of Pepper Spraying Cops (Heavy)

3. BofUH-OH! Bank Of America Warned By U.S. Regulators (Huffington Post)

4. Erin Andrews Gets A Gatorade Shower (TotalProSports)

5. Conspiracy Keanu Puts A Meme To What Keanu Is Thinking (UpRoxx)

6. Adele, Lady Gaga And Faster PussyCat Mash-Up Perfectly (Buzzfeed)

7. Spider Man, Batman and Iron Man Get Jiggy With It (Gorilla Mask)

8. 9 Signs You May Officially Be Broke (Guyism)

9. The 45 Sexiest Pics Of Scarlett Johansonn (CoedMagazine)

10. The 8 Best And Worst Celebrity Owned Alcohols (The Campus Socialite)

11. The 7 ways Your Cell Phone Is Screwing With Your Body And Mind (Cracked)

12. Best Cat Photobomb Ever! (DJMick)

13. Drive Thru Movie Trailer (NextRound)

14. News Anchor Flips Off Barack Obama (BroBible)

15. She Claims Those Boobs Are Real, Hero Hitler In Love & The Flash (Busted Coverage)

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