The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

A weekly round up of advertising’s best eye candy.


1 The Incredible Hotness of Irina Shayk

Russian model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Irina Shayk just completed a photo shoot for an upcoming ad campaign for a German lingerie brand. In the campaign, Skayk, 25, can be seen modeling Lascana’s latest fashions which include, well, next to nothing. This is, after all, a lingerie shoot.

Of her newfound fame, Shayk told the New York Daily News, “A couple of days ago, I took a shower and then was walking my dog, and a man came up to me with a bag full of magazines. He came from New Jersey, and was like, ‘Can you sign these magazines?’ It was about 10 p.m., and here I am with wet hair.”

When you’re hot, you’re hot. Even if you’re on the sidewalk fully dressed with wet hair.

2 Tehmeena Afzal Shows Her Love for the New York Rangers

Once again, the pulchritudinous Tehmeena Afzal is sharing her love for New York sporting teams. After having titillated us with her love for the New York Knicks. the New York Giants and thew New York Mets, Afzal is now lending her outrageous hotness to the New York Rangers in what can only be dubbed the sexiest hockey video ever made. Watch as Miss Meena wields the stick, shoots the puck and generally makes you forget you watching hockey at all.


3 Bikini-Clad Inspectors Ensure Quality of JBS Underwear 

Oh how we wish our underwear were actually manufactured with such loving care and attention. And that that love, care and attention came from steaming hot, bikini-clad women who sensuously caressed every last thread of fabric with double-entendre-fueled enthusiam. One can only wish. Or can he? According to this video from JBS underwear, this scenario is absolutely, completely, 100 percent true. We promise. After all it’s says so in the commercial and as we all know everything a marketer says in a commercial simply has to be true, right?


4 Geri Halliwell Hopes to Make Boobs Bigger and Butts Smaller

With the goal to make boobs look bigger and bums look smaller, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has unveiled a new line of lingerie. Under the brand name Next, Halliwell, thinks she has a handle on what women…and men want saying, “I feel I understand women’s bodies. This was my chance to do the sort of underwear for girls that the boys would like too, if you know what I mean!” Yes, Geri, we know exactly what you mean. Us “boys” certainly do appreciate all you “girls” do to please us in the lingerie department.

5 I See Germany, I See France, I See Sexy Underpants

With a catwalk like no other, German lingerie label Blush takes on the French with a bit of guerrilla warfare in Paris. The brand sent a model clad in underwear to roam the famous landmarks and streets of Paris. Heads do turn but this being Paris, not so much as you would think. We especially like the well planted group of camera-wielding Asians as the model struts her way to the Eiffel Tower. Hotness on the streets of Paris. What’s not to love. And you know you’d stare if you were lucky enough to witness this sort of thing. We sure would. We’d drop everything and follow that chick all over the country if we had the chance!

6 Justine Jaro and Sister Dawn Get Primitive for Kicks

You may remember Justine Jaro from her earlier work with footwear retailer Primitive Shoes. If not, you’ve been asleep at the wheel. Allow us to refresh your memory. Awake yet? We think so. Now, in what can only be summed up as hyper-sexualized Doublemint Twins work, Justine’s sister Dawn has joined the Primitive Shoes campaign for yet another deliciously racy video.

Watch in wonder as the sisters engage in every conceivable porn cliche from the feathery pillow fight (while wearing lingerie, of course) to hand bra poses atop a skyline to pleated, plaid, miniskirt school girl antics to frolicking in bed to the liquor facial to alluring candy chewing to the gratuitous booty shot to hairbrush singing. Yes, this video has got it all.

And somehow it’s supposed to convince you to by sneakers.



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