Irina Sheik oozes mondo sex appeal once again

Our weekend was a little bit longer than usual but today we’re baaack to the normal schedule with a couple of awesome posts that I’m pretty sure you’re going to like. Let’s kick off things here today with the world’s hottest WAG, the uber hot Irina Sheik, looking like her usual stunning/perfect little self while posing for the new swimwear collection from Blanco. Sounds pretty great, eh?

Now the first thing I want to mention is that I can’t stop thinking of Irina’s exquisite body in skimpy bikinis and.. I’m pretty sure you guys and gals can relate. Ok, this girl actually looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing, especially in skimpy lingerie, but in bikinis she’s just beyond stunning and those photos from SI’s swimsuit issue are solid proof as to why I say that.

Now these pics are not as awesome as those good ol’ bikini pics from Sports Illustrated, but she’s still rocking our minds with her groovy little body in all sorts of naughty poses and skimpy little outfits so.. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love these pics. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves, ok?

Irina Sheik blanco 1
Irina Sheik blanco 2
Irina Sheik blanco 3
Irina Sheik blanco 4
Irina Sheik blanco 5
Irina Sheik blanco 6
Irina Sheik blanco 7
Irina Sheik blanco 8
Irina Sheik blanco 9
Irina Sheik blanco 10
Irina Sheik blanco 11
Irina Sheik blanco 12
Irina Sheik blanco 13
Irina Sheik blanco 14
Irina Sheik blanco 15
Irina Sheik blanco 16

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