The Top Ten College Boobs Twitter Accounts — Go Boobs!

The “[Your School Here] Boobs” tradition is back for another college football season — who’s number 1?

Well, there is really no debate about that — the best college boob feed is @KUBoobs and it shows no sign of letting up. As far as we know, KUBoobs invented the trend and keeps its submissions at a high level.

How does the rest of the top 10 shake out? Does a good college football team correspond to a good college boobs feed? Absolutely not, we discovered, as the consensus #1 Alabama doesn’t seem to have a decent boob feed at all. (Please, correct us if we’re wrong — we looked and did not find.) Other schools have a decent archive of pictures but haven’t been updated since the spring — sorry, fellas, this is no time to rest on your laurels. What have you done for us lately? (Come on, Texas; come on, Oregon; come on, USC — you’re going to let Maryland beat you?) Fortunately it’s early in the season, and there’s plenty of time to build some momentum. Remember: Every school has boobs, it’s up to the dedicated fans to get them onto twitter. Make it happen!

1. University of Kansas: @KUBoobs

2. University of Kentucky: @UKBoobs_

3. University of Tennessee: UTBoobs

4. University of Arkansas: UofAboobs

5. West Virginia University: WVUBoobs

6. University of Missouri: MizzouBoobs1

7. University of Utah: UUBoobs

8. Michigan State University: MSUBoobs

9. University of Maryland: @UMDBoobs

10. Indiana University: IUBoobs1

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