This Exists: The 6 Strangest Things to Be Turned Into Art



By Charlie Jones

It’s near impossible to definitely say what is and isn’t art because, just like a typical college freshman, art is constantly changing up and trying new things. Sometimes, most of the time really, the result is downright awful but occasionally an artist manages to find new and impressive [...]

Where did we get the word “JUDO” from? – <b>HotForWords</b>

Hello my dear students! Today I have some brain-teasers for you. Tell me: What sport is also science and art? Any ideas? Well, how about this one: What form of [...]

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TSJ Talks to Camille Crimson


Sheila Heti recently quipped, in her novel, How Should a Person Be, “We live in an age of some really great blow job artists. Every era has its art form. The nineteenth century, I know, was tops for the novel.”

TSJ talks to a star of the BJ-era, the woman behind TheArtofBlowjob.com, Camille Crimson, about her [...]

Converse Rubber Tracks: Studio Tour

Converse Rubber Tracks releases the brand new short film “Studio Tour,” featuring Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes who talks about how artists record over there for FREE.

WHAT: Albert Hammond Jr. and producer/engineer Gus Oberg host a tour of the Converse Rubber Tracks studio, kicking off with an introduction about the state-of-the-art studio [...]

Video Dump: The Art of Playing with Your Food


Since the beginning of time, mankind has taken to using art as a form of expression to communicate a feeling, to capture a moment in time or to document their lives.  The first medium of art probably started with a caveman, a rock and some ashes that eventually advanced to paint, marble sculptures, tile [...]