2011 Stavros “La La Shelli” at iTunes – Bar Rafaeli Brooklyn Decker Irina Shayk Sports Illustrated

The band “STAVROS” sings “La La Shelli” to some SI footage. Complete songs available at iTunes itunes.apple.com more babes at www.sportivebabes.com…

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Scotty James – Wanna Be Loved – Official Music Video

Official music video for “Wanna Be Loved” by Scotty James. Now available on itunes!! itunes.apple.com iTunes – Wanna Be Loved itunes.apple.com Directed By: Gavin Michael Booth Produced By: Gavin Michael Booth & Marie Jeannette Mimetic Entertainment Inc. Executive Producers: JonPaul Music360 www.scottyjamesmusic.com http www.myspace.com www.twitter.com (C) 2011 – JonPaul Music360 more babes at www.sportivebabes.com…

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