35 Epic Youtube Comments that will make you LOL


I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen a lot of hilarious comments on Youtube but.. some of the comments you’re about to see right now are beyond that. So epic and unexpected that they could make you laugh in seconds !! I’m sure there are a ton of comments like these but today we’ve picked the [...]

Miley Cyrus’ Hottest Bikini Looks! (PHOTOS)


Miley Cyrus frolicked poolside with good friend Cheyne Thomas this week in Miami, reminding us that no one rocks a two-piece quite like the LOL star.

Newly engaged Cyrus, 19, gets her swimsuit-ready figure from a gluten-free diet and Pilates. Take a look at some of her best bikini moments in the gallery above.


Video Dump: Holograms Taking Entertainment to Another Level


ARE YOU STILL TRIPPING OVER HOLOGRAM TUPAC? No? Well before you move on and start LOL-ing at the next hilarious viral meme hitting the Internet, take a moment and really think about how much better this hologram thing is going to get. Pretty soon, it’s very possible that you can have live performances from [...]