6 Ways to Love Noise Music


“Drop it Like it’s Hot“ is the first hit song I think of when I think noise in mainstream music. We hear the sound of a spraypaint can discharging almost all the way through it. Lots of songs have sounds that aren’t made by instruments, like the dialtone in “Buy My Drink“, and gunshots in [...]

The LUNATIK “TAKTIK” iPhone case looks sick!


If you’re a big Transformers fan and.. you’d really like to transform your iPhone into something pretty damn cool, a company called Minimal Inc. has recently released the LUNATIK “TAKTIK” iPhone case. No clue what’s up with that name, but this case makes your iPhone look like a robot in disguise.


Malin Akerman To Play Debbie Harry In CBGB – Cinema Blend


Cinema Blend Malin Akerman To Play Debbie Harry In CBGBCinema Blend… that Malin Akerman will get to play the same part in Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, which is still stuck in pre-production (albeit with a fantastic cast that includes Matt Dolon, Harold Perrineau, Adam Goldberg, Paz de la Huerta and Sasha Grey).

and [...]

The radical, low-riding zecOO electric motorcycle


Now here’s one of the most awesome bike concepts we’ve seen lately, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show back in March, the zecOO electric motorcycle is truly breathtaking! Designed by a guy named Kota Nezu of Znug Design, this radical bike is even going into small scale production pretty since everyone [...]

The Mercedes Concept Style Coupe Looks Sleek


We have another awesome concept car to share with you guys today, a new Mercedes which was dubbed at the Concept Style Coupe or simply “CSC” and it might preview a future compact sedan from Mercedes-Benz. The car was going to be unveiled in Beijing next week but these images have [...]